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North County Cat Hospital


Associate Veterinarian:

We are looking for one or two California licensed veterinarian who can see patients at least three days a week.

I have a great staff - really. They are amazing. Everyone is upbeat and energetic. They have skills, interests, and abilities that complement each other very well. They all enjoy learning and expanding their knowledge base and skill set. They frequently make recommendations to improve the practice and patient care.

Everyone here cares about the patients, the clients, and each other. We all get along well. It’s a very comfortable and enjoyable environment.

We have always had great clientele. During the pandemic lockdown, I was strict with COVID protocols and our few difficult clients left us. It's been great.

We see patients every half hour and always try to recommend the best possible medicine. 

We have digital radiographs, digital dental radiographs, an ultrasound machine, and a good in-house lab. We generally use sevoflurane and we always monitor SPO2, BP, CO2, and temperature in anesthetized cats who are always on IV fluids.

We have electronic medical records that are complete, straightforward, and easy to read. (We use an old version of AVImark but we created our own EMR system.)

I designed this website with the help of the staff. You can get an actual sense of who we are by looking at it.

If you are interested, please email us at All inquiries will be kept confidential unless you tell me otherwise.

Thank you,

Terry Daly, DVM

NCCH Sounds

In case you're wondering what it sounds like to work at a cat-only hospital, I made this recording for you.

15 minutes.JPG

Photo taken at Guajome Park - a short bicycle ride from out hospital.

Veterinary Technician:

We are looking for a California licensed veterinary technician who has experience with dental procedures, including extractions. I am very supportive and very willing to train the right person in things like lower canine tooth extractions but the person we hire must already be licensed and have at least some experience. 

For more information about the practice, please see above.

If you are interested, please email us at All inquiries will be kept confidential unless you tell me otherwise.

Thank you,

Terry Daly, DVM

OF Pain.jpg

This is a radiograph that we took of a cat with orofacial pain who had teeth extracted previously at another veterinary hospital. What do you see? What would you do for this cat?

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