Our appointments are individualized. Scheduling these appointments requires intelligence and awareness, and sometimes creativity. We haven’t been able to do this satisfactorily with apps or other artificial intelligence but we do have some options for you.

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With only one veterinarian, we are either seeing appointments or in a procedure. We can't / won't do both at once.


Morning appointments usually start at 9:30 a.m. After those, we usually start a procedure. A lot of times we don't know how long a procedure will take, so we usually don't schedule afternoon appointments until we are done with that day's procedure. If, for example, we are performing a dental on a patient, we might not know until we take dental radiographs that extractions are needed. We aren't willing to rush through the needed extractions in order to see scheduled appointments, so we can't commit to them ahead of time.

Types of appointment:

Scheduled: We offer scheduled appointments on most weekday mornings, most Friday mornings and afternoons, and some other weekday afternoons.

Drop offs: For established clients, we often offer "drop off" appointments for noncritical patients. You bring your cat in the morning, and we address them when we are able to. Then we call to discuss. We don't offer drop off appointments for people who haven't been in before.

Stand by: If we have a procedure that we may finish early, we offer "stand by" appointments. We put you on a list and call if we are able to see your cat that afternoon.

Emergency: The term "emergency appointment" doesn't really make sense. If you feel that you have an emergency situation with your cat, please call us and we'll tell you if we think that we will be able to help.

Ways to Make an Appointment
Call Us.

We are open on most weekdays.

The best number to call is 760-758-6228.


Waiting for the Phone to Ring

Email Us.

Our email address is cat@nccat.com. We are fairly good at checking our email daily and usually respond within one weekday. We don't return emails when we aren't here. 

If you think that your cat is critical, please don't email us.


Checking Emails

Send a Request

This is really just having our website send us an email. It asks for details that can be helpful to you and us.

Use our "Contact Us" Page.

This is also just having our website send us an email, just with less detail.

Things That Don't Work to Make an Appointment

The following are not currently ways to make an appointment here:

  • Texting

  • Other messaging

  • Using social media (e.g., Facebook, Tumblr, Tinder, TikTok, Yelp, YouTube).