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One of our main goals at North County Cat Hospital is to help you help your cat live a long and healthy life. Another is to help you and all the animals and humans living in your home to live safely and in harmony.

This information is intended to help with those goals.

Phot of Bourbon the Cat
Photo of kitten.
Kitten with ringworm.

Our videos are scattered throughout the website. Here are all of them in one place.

Cat Photo by Max Baskakov on

Cats have their own set of behavior problems. Here are some of them.

Photo of cute kittens.

Nutrition is a critical component in maintaining good health, regardless of species. Cat nutrition is a controversial subject about which even experts disagree.

We feel that there is overwhelming evidence that cats are carnivores and do best on a diet that is high in animal based proteins and low in plant based ingredients.

We generally recommend canned foods without added carbohydrates or plant proteins. 

Photo of tooth with resorption.

We discuss a lot of diseases with clients. Here is information on some of the more common problems.

Cats hide disease and suffering well and are at risk for various diseases even if living a sheltered and spoiled life. Even for cats who live indoors and seem healthy, we recommend yearly exams and other preventive care measures.

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