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North County Cat Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you accept insurance?

That question doesn't really apply to veterinarians. Medical insurance for pets works differently for than for humans. The insurance companies usually don't pay the veterinarian. The client pays us and then the insurance company will reimburse the client as they judge appropriate. We aren't in any insurance networks because for true pet insurance, there are no networks.

Did you call me from:

760-758-6228 7607586228,

760-631-6712 7606316712,

760-631-6713 7606316713,

760-631-6714 7606316714, or

760-829-2059 7608292059?

Yes. Those are our phone numbers. If you are calling us back, the first number is the best one to use.  The 760-829-2059 is a cell phone that we only use when the landlines aren't working.

To be honest, this isn't really a question that we get. We put this in here in case we called you and you don't recognize our number. We're hoping this comes up on a Google search. Our fax number is 760-631-6716 7606316716.

Why don't you decorate better? I think that you should liven the place up a little. 


Most of our patients coming in are at least a little fearful. One of the ways that we try to minimize that fear is by decorating for the cats instead of for the humans. Instead of hanging big pictures of cats on our walls, we have unobtrusive bird images. 

"Calm walls help to calm cats."

Are you a "Cat Friendly Vet Practice" or a "Fear Free Pet Practice"?

Although we consider ourselves to be friendly and we try to minimize fear, we are not members of either of these veterinary programs. We like the intent of both programs but both have requirements that we can't, in good conscience, endorse:  requirements that we feel would have a negative impact on our patient care - on our patients. 

A simple and somewhat silly example of this is office decor. The Cat Friendly Practice Program would require us to display their certificates and they want us to decorate with lots of cat art. As explained above, we think that a minimalist approach is better for our patients. Cats don't want to see giant cats on the walls.

Do you have digital xrays?


Are you able to take dental xrays?

Yes. We take full mouth digital dental radiographs on every cat who gets a dental. For more information on this, please see the dental page of this website.


Do you participate in Pet Dental Month in February?

Not exactly. We feel that "every month is Pet Dental Month" and don't want to encourage people to wait several months to treat their cat if that cat needs dental care now.

Is that your C250, Corvette, F-350, Slingshot, 911, S209, Hellcat, Cooper parked in front?

Parking Lot.jpg

No. That is not our car.

I found this photo of you on Did you move?

FAQ Hotel.jpg

No. That's in San Francisco and is not us.

Do you use non-adjuvanted vaccines.

Yes. We only use Purevax vaccines.

We keep them in a dedicated refrigerator that is kept between 36 and 45 degrees F. (This is higher, by the way, than is recommended for a refrigerator with food.)

Do you offer low-cost spays and neuters?

No. Spays and neuters are common surgeries but they are also serious surgeries that require a general anesthesia. It is potentially very detrimental to the patient to cut corners with them. If, for example, compromises are made on the anesthetic protocol, long term damage can be done. (For more information, please see our video on anesthesia safety.) Whether the shortcut is withholding intravenous fluids, eliminating pain medications, minimizing monitoring, not sterilizing instruments between patients, or whatever shortcut you may hear about, we feel that it isn't worth it.

Will you examine my little dog or other pet?

No, but thank you for asking.

Do you sell "vet diets"?

Once in a while we will sell one of a select few prescription diets that we feel are beneficial for a specific condition but we don't sell "veterinary only" maintenance diets for healthy kittens and cats . We don't feel that any of these diets have been proven to offer any benefit over some over-the-counter diets.

Why don't you have a "pet portal" so that I can see my cats' records online?

Yahoo, Adobe, Facebook, Marriott, Equifax, Chase, Uber, Sony, The Washington Post, UPS, Air Canada, the German Parliament, Home Depot, Capital One, Google, NASA, Target, Toyota, Blue Cross, the Saudi Oil Ministry, U.S. Customs, Quest, DoorDash, eBay, Apple, UC Berkeley, MasterCard, Twitter, Dropbox, AOL, AT&T,  Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, and the DNC were all victims of successful cyber attacks. We don't keep any sensitive information but we still want to keep it safe and it seems a little optimistic to think that even our IT guy, as good as he is, can keep your information safe from hackers or ransomware if that information is on the Internet. So we have two computer networks at North County Cat Hospital. The network with medical records, client information, etc. is not connected to the Internet. Someone would have to physically break into our building before they could hack into that network or scramble the information. We are happy to send you copies of your cats' records but we don't keep them in a portal.


Our "IT guy"

According to the gray line on Google Maps, I can turn left on southbound College into your parking lot. True?

No. Don't follow the gray lines. Follow the blue ones.

Google Map

This is the view from Google Maps. There is no entrance if you are driving south on College Blvd. Take a left at Oceanside Blvd. before you get this far.

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