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North County Cat Hospital

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The Team

There are currently eight of us at North County Cat Hospital.

The Veterinarians:

Terrence P. Daly, DVM

I graduated from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 and went to work at a mixed animal hospital. I lived my dream, treating a variety of animal species - from dogs and cats to horses and cows to birds and reptiles - and loved doing it.


After I left that practice, I worked primarily as a relief veterinarian in San Diego County - filling in on a per diem basis for other veterinarians. And I learned to my surprise that I prefer treating just cats. I love other animals but I find cats to be more enjoyable, more interesting and in some ways more challenging patients. I also find that I prefer to focus on just one animal species - it allows me to study their individual diseases in more depth and it allows me to keep current on the latest medical advances.   

Terry Daly, DVM

"I asked everyone to write about themselves - at least three things - for the website. Here are my three things.


'In 1987 I graduated from vet school, loaded up my truck, and drove to California to find a job.

Most of my hair turned gray years ago. I still have a brown strip of hair around the middle of my face and head, including eyebrows and any mustache. Some people think that I dye the back of my head, but no, that's just how I am.


I play online video games with my brothers who live in Missouri and Colorado. Even when one of my cats is pawing at my controller, I usually do fairly well. That is, until the nieces, nephews, and nephew-in-law show up to trample all over us."

Tanya A. Coty, DVM

After graduating from the University of the Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, I moved to Oceanside to complete a one year general practice/ER internship. I've been living and practicing here ever since, initially treating cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and more.

Working in a cat only practice has been my passion since I started in the field as a veterinary assistant in a cat only hospital, and I'm excited to join the team!

My husband and I share our home with two cats, a dog who thinks he's a cat, and a box turtle.

When I'm not working, I enjoy running (I have completed 8 half marathons and 2 full marathons), reading, video games, traveling, and hiking.  

Tanya Coty, DVM

Tanya Coty, DVM

I’m sorry to announce that Dr. Coty will be leaving North County Cat Hospital so she can work closer to her home in San Diego: she’ll be working on a per diem basis at various hospitals. Her last day will be Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.


I am currently looking for someone to take her place and because we are committed to providing high quality care, it may take some time. Please be patient with us as we work with a modified schedule in the interim.


It's been wonderful having Dr. Coty here for the past year and a half - we appreciate the care, commitment, and compassion she brought to the practice. We will miss her and wish her the best!


Terry Daly, DVM

North County Cat Hospital

The Staff:

The Staff

The staff is the backbone of the practice. While Dr. Coty and I manage to keep busy, they do the bulk of the work – and they do it wonderfully. They explain things to clients, they herd the cats, and they keep us on point. They make appointments, they treat the cats, they anticipate our needs. They comfort the clients, they calm the cats, they double check us. They clean, they order, they organize. We would be lost without them.

Terry Daly, D.V.M.

The Staff


"I always knew I wanted to travel, which led to me joining the Air Force when I was 19. After graduating Basic Training and Technical School my husband and I were stationed in Virginia for 4 years. After Virginia we received orders for and moved to Ramstein AB, Germany where we stayed for our last four years in the Air Force.


My husband and the Air Force introduced me to video games, which we have shared with our children.


I like crafting to help with my kids’ school activities – Band, Drumline, and Color Guard."



"I went to school for Veterinary Assistant and took a Humane Animal Law Enforcement class. Ever since I was little I knew my career path would be helping animals.


I moved from Chicago to Southern California when I was only five years old.


My favorite holiday is Halloween and love creating my costumes.

I love cars and collecting the Hot Wheels versions of them."



"I enjoy gardening. It became a hobby when I lost my cat. I enjoy seeing my care help something grow / thrive.

Accessibility is very important to me so I took some American Sign Language classes in high school. I practice regularly but unfortunately I'm not fluent.


 I always burn my marshmallows. Too time consuming waiting for that perfect golden marshmallow to put on your s'more, right?"



"Dancing has always been a huge part of my life, as I grew up dancing competitively. I still enjoy taking classes when I can, or dancing alone in my living room.


I love hiking and being outdoors. I spent five years living in Portland, Oregon and I'll never forget those long treks through the rain and snow. The more puddles to stomp in, the better! More recently, camping has become a great love of mine and I'll never say no to making some s'mores.


My husband and I have three cats - Aayla, Leia, and Reginald. They are the rulers of our household and we do our best to accommodate their royal needs."



"Ever since I was little I have always had a passion for helping others. After high school I began my studies at MiraCosta College in hopes of achieving my degree in nursing. Although my passion for the medical field remains, I am exploring and keeping my options open to discover what truly makes me happy, as well as to find what ways I can make an impact in this world.

One of my biggest hobbies is music; I love singing and dancing whenever I have the opportunity. I was involved in singing groups and ensembles since I was in elementary school and I was on the dance team in high school.

About 5 years ago, my boyfriend and I received a very special and unexpected gift. We became cat parents to our very special and spoiled little girl, Bleu. I had always dreamt of having a pet but had never been given that opportunity (besides a pet fish, if that counts). Since the day she was brought into our lives, we have made it our mission to do everything possible to keep her royal highness’ needs met- we wouldn’t have it any other way and I can’t imagine our life without her!

I am excited to be a part of such a great team and am grateful to have the opportunity to learn more while also helping others along the way."



"My husband and I just moved here from Atlanta with one dog and a clowder of cats. In Atlanta I founded and ran a cat rescue called Meow or Never that focused on TNR (trap-neuter-return) and community cat care, which is how we ended up with our motley crew of cats who were either foster fails or deemed unadoptable.


Before getting sucked into the world of cat rescue, I was a professional dog photographer with three dogs and never thought I'd have any cats (my husband is an adamant dog person and I was never allowed any pets growing up so I knew nothing about them), so I've worked in the animal world in one capacity or another for the last 15 years.


I have two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Georgia - one in sociology, and the other in photojournalism. I'm hoping to go back to school to earn a DVM once I get some prereq classes done, so I'm here soaking up as much knowledge and experience as I can in the meantime!"

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