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To make an appointment, you can call us at 760-758-6228, email us at, fill out the "Contact Us" form, or fill out the form below. If you fill out the form below, our website will email us with the information but will not put you on any lists.

Please be aware that filling out the form won't actually make the appointment, it will just inform us that you want an appointment. We'll then look at our appointment calendar and call, text, or email you back to schedule something. For more information on our appointment scheduling, please see our "About Appointments" page. 


Also be aware that we only check for these on days that we are open. If you fill this out on Friday night and Monday is a holiday, we won't respond until Tuesday.

Request an Appointment.

This is a long form. We need the information in the bold, blue boxes and the Captcha (the "I'm not a robot" thing) but other than that, please fill out as much of it as you like. The more information, the better, but all we really need is your name, your email, your cat's name, and proof that you're not a robot, so please don't fret the details.

Please do not use this form for urgent care or emergencies. Please call us directly at 760-758-6228.

Your Name

Your Email

Please note:

This form will not add you to our email mailing list. 

To subscribe to our emailing list, click here: 

Other contact method.

Your contact preferences:

Please select your preference.
Have you been here before?

More contact preferences:

Unless you tell us otherwise, we usually call between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

We usually text and email between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Your Cat

Has your cat been here before?

If you have more than one cat who you'd like to bring in, please add their name(s).

Has this / have these cats been here before? (Check all that apply.)

What is the reason for the appointment?

Medical Records

If your cat has been seen by other veterinarians or veterinary hospitals and you approve of us contacting them for medical records, please enter their information here:

Upload Information.

If you have anything for us to see before you come in (e.g., photos, videos, information from emergency hospital), please upload it here.

Upload Documents
Upload Images
Upload Videos

When do you want to come in? 

We are usually open Monday through Friday but have limited appointments available. Please let us know what day or days would work for you.

What time do you prefer (please check any that appy)

Standby appointment.

If we are fully booked but might still be able to see a patient, we offer "standby" appointments. We put you on a list and call if we are able to see your cat that day.

Are you open to a "standby" appontment?"

Your direct involvement. 

Please select all that apply.

The veterinarian's direct involvement. 

Sometimes Dr. Daly needs to be involved (e.g., for an examination) and sometimes he doesn't (e.g., for vaccinations if we've seen your cat within the past year). Please pick what you think...

Do you have any additional comments?

Thank you.

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