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A Caution:

We had been using the company DemandForce to help us with online client communication (email notices, appointment confirmations, etc.). We became increasingly unhappy with them and discontinued service in December 2019.

Please be aware that they are still behaving as though they represent us and have us listed on one of their pages. This is a false representation. On their page about us, there is a problem:

The phone number that is listed (760-***-4268) as being our number is false. If you call that number, it will tell you that the call may be recorded and it will then ring through to us

Please be aware that this is not our number and we do not have control of it. If the call is being recorded, it is not by us. We are working to get this resolved and apologize for any confusion. By the way, our main phone number is 760-758-6228 - the last four digits - 6228 spells NCAT.


Also, we do not record calls. If you call us and are told that the call may be recorded, you have called a false number. 

Terry Daly, DVM

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