Our Videos

This is the collection of all of the videos that we have made to date.

Most of these videos appear on other pages of this site.

For more information about each topic, please see the "Cat Health Care" and "About Us" pages of this website.


An introduction to North County Cat Hospital.

Preventive Care

There is a set of routine health care things that we recommend for cats.

Secret Diseases

We recommend examinations on cats at least yearly because they are very good at hiding diseases.


Resorptive lesions are very common in cats.

Anesthesia Safety

Anesthesia safety is important for a
number of reasons.

Food - An Overview

We recommend feeding cats high protein
canned food.

Food - A Case for Protein

More detail on the physiology of cats and
their dietary need for protein.

Reading The Cat Food Label

Canned food has more protein than dry food
even though its percentage of protein is less.

Nose Grass

Bourbon got a piece of grass stuck in his nose.
(This video is a little graphic.)

A Dental Short

Raven had a broken tooth.


Lara talks about fleas.

Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

There are a lot of helpful things that can
be done for cats with kidney disease.

Video Brief: Feline Parasites

Internal parasites are uncommon in this
area but are worth knowing about.

Video Brief: Feline Vaccines

There are risks to giving cats vaccines.

Feline Vaccines

This older video has a little more information.

Office Hours

We will be closed on Thursday November 28th and Friday November 29th.


7:00 am-6:00 pm


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