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There are six of us at North County Cat Hospital

Terrence P. Daly, DVM

I graduated from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 and went to work at a mixed animal hospital. I lived my dream, treating a variety of animal species - from dogs and cats to horses and cows to birds and reptiles - and loved doing it. After I left that practice, I worked primarily as a relief veterinarian in San Diego County - filling in on a per diem basis for other veterinarians. And I learned to my surprise that I prefer treating just cats. I love other animals but I find cats to be more enjoyable, more interesting and in some ways more challenging patients. I also find that I prefer to focus on just one animal species - it allows me to study their individual diseases in more depth and it allows me to keep current on the latest medical advances.   

Terry Daly, DVM

"I asked my staff to write about themselves - at least three things - for the website. Here are my three things.


'In 1987 I graduated from vet school, loaded up my truck, and drove to California to find a job.

Most of my hair turned gray years ago. I still have a brown strip of hair around the middle of my face and head, including eyebrows and any mustache. Some people think that I dye the back of my head, but no, that's just how I am.


I play online video games with my brothers who live in Missouri and Colorado. Even when one of my cats is pawing at my controller, I usually do fairly well. That is, until the nieces, nephews, and nephew-in-law show up to trample all over us."

My staff is the backbone of the practice. While I walk around acting doctorly, they do the bulk of the work – and they do it wonderfully. They explain things to clients, they herd the cats, and they keep me on point. They make appointments, they treat the cats, they anticipate my needs. They comfort the clients, they calm the cats, they double check me. They clean, they order, they organize. I would be lost without them.

Terry Daly, D.V.M.

The Staff:


"I always knew I wanted to travel, which led to me joining the Air Force when I was 19. After graduating Basic Training and Technical School my husband and I were stationed in Virginia for 4 years. After Virginia we received orders for and moved to Ramstein AB, Germany where we stayed for our last four years in the Air Force.


My husband and the Air Force introduced me to video games, which we have shared with our children.


I like crafting to help with my kids’ school activities – Band, Drumline, and Color Guard."



"I’m originally from Massachusetts and played a lot of sports as a kid.

Throughout high school and college I played rugby as a fullback.


I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with degrees in Animal and Environmental science. It was during college where I got the opportunity to intern in Bermuda training and caring for rescued dolphins. It was a great experience!


After graduating college my boyfriend and I decided to take some time off and travel. We fixed up a 30-year-old RV and traveled across the county. We were fortunate enough to wind up in North County where I found a job that is both challenging and rewarding working with people that I love."


"I grew up on a small ranch with many animals ranging from dogs and cats to horses and cattle. I’ve always loved working with animals.

I rode horses competitively during my middle and high school years.


I stopped riding horses when I started college at CSU San Marcos but I still enjoy trail riding when I visit my family.

My first job was exercising horses.

I am afraid of monkeys.

My husband and I have two dogs, Izzy and Suki. They moved from Arizona to Colorado and then back to my home state of California. The dogs loved Colorado but it was too cold for me.

In my free time I like to hike with my dogs, read a good book and spend time with my family."


"For my eighth birthday my grandma gifted me with a two-week-old kitten and I got to bottle feed her and raise her. I love all animals, but I especially adore kitties and I am so happy I get to work with them!

When I am not at work I take delight in serving in youth ministry at my church and spending time with my family and friends. I also love running and going to the gym, and am currently learning how to play piano. I enjoy watching the sun set or rise, drinking coffee, and reading a good book.

I was born and raised in California and have lived in Oceanside my whole life except for when I moved to La Jolla to attend UC San Diego for undergrad."



"I grew up in Whittier, CA and lived my whole 24 years there. Then I met my boyfriend and decided to move down where he lived, in beautiful Carlsbad. Now living only a block from Carlsbad beach, I enjoy walking along the beach and hiking with my boyfriend and our two dogs-a Dachshund named Bailey and tiny four pound Chihuahua Ginger. When I am not out walking them, I love to just hang out at home and watch scary movies with my dogs and two cats- a Sphynx named Talia and Turkish Van cat named Jodie. I have been obsessed with animals since I was about two years old and always knew I wanted to be in the vet field. I started as a dog bather at Petsmart for six years and then worked as a Veterinary Assistant at an animal hospital for three years. I am honored to be in a field where I care and tend to animals. I would not want to work anywhere else!"

Contact Information

Tel. 760-758-6228

Fax. 760-631-6716

If your cat is urgent, please don't use our website to contact us. Instead, see our emergency page.

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am-12 noon
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
There is not a veterinarian here at all times.
We see patients by appointment only. 
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